Jay Electronica mix

I don’t suppose a somewhat hip hop themed blog can exist nowadays without having some sort of Jay Electronica mixtape. Well, I’m not different in a few ways.
For one, I’m a huge fan of the guy. In a time when 95% of the new music being made is complete and utter bullshit and/or the work of hacks, J.E. brings something that all of us old heads can appreciate. Good rapping. Non-pretentious yet original sounding rap music. To me, He’s like a blend of MF doom and Nas but from the south No, he’s not going to change rap music as we know it, but he is gonna at least push it in the right direction going forward. Hopefully to a place where talent, thoughtfulness , creativity and intelligence are no longer frowned upon by the majority of hip hop listeners. Unlikely, but we can hope, can’t we?
Secondly, We’ve all got our favorite joints and what some other blog may love, might not be my shit and vice versa. I just wanna put in my two cents.
It’s always funny for me to come across people , who are still somewhat engaged in today’s hip hop scene , who hate on this dude. It blows my mind , really. When asked why , they usually shrug and list of other mc’s out now equally worthy of praise. The problem is, those mc’s they’re listing are usually mediocre at best and won’t be around in a year. When i first heard of him, like many others, I was extremely put off by his name. It sounded like a Euro house DJ to me. But once I gave the dude a chance, I was a huge fan. Hopefully, if you’re in the same boat as I was, this little mix will help sway your mind.
So, here’s a bunch of songs by Jay that I love. I omitted “Exhibit C” cause everyone knows that song by now and there no point to really put anyone on to that.
1)Exhibit A (transformations)
3)Exhibit B (feat. Mos Def)
4)Retro Electro
5)So what you sayin’
6)Bitches and drugs
7)Something to hold on to
10)Extra extra
11)My World (Nas salute)
12)A prayer for Michael Vick
13)Eternal Sunshine
14)The ghost of Christopher Wallace (feat. Puffy)

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