Memories…The MTV Promo’s.

When Aesop dropped his album “None Shall Pass” , one of the craziest things he got to do was make promo videos for MTV. At the time, MTV was doing this thing where they’d take a different artists (indie and major label) and just promote the shit out of them for a week solid with little clips of live performances and skits , as well as by playing their music every chance they got. When they asked Aesop to do some comical skits, he asked me to join him (cause we have a past together doing dumb skits on public access). The idea was to take the whole NYC public access show theme and run with it. Someone recently reminded me of these skits and I re-watched them for the first time in over a year. Know what? They’re pretty funny. Sure, it’s mostly improvised and not every joke hits but , considering what it was, I think Aes and I held our own. Especially considering both of us had barley slept the night before due to an early call time and fear of having to be funny on cue.
I’d also like recall the enormous backlash these videos and clips on MTV caused. People seriously lost their shit. Apparently, a lot of fans couldn’t differentiate promotion and flagrantly selling out. I’m glad that shit has died down , cause for a while this topic made a lot of fair weather fans look like total dickheads.
Anyway, here are those clips for all of you who may have missed them. Before watching, I suggest curling up in your snuggie with a loved one , lighting some candles, and pouring yourself a nice merlot cause that’s the mood we were trying to set in these clips.

5 thoughts on “Memories…The MTV Promo’s.

  1. “I’m glad that shit has died down , cause for a while this topic made a lot of fair weather fans look like total dickheads.”

    Isn’t that all fair-weather fans? 😛 But really, if they were pissy about being promoted on MTV, than they weren’t really fans to begin with.

    Anyway, these are brilliant. I don’t watch MTV so I had no idea about these, but I love how deadpan you guys are.

  2. Been the giant Aesop fan I am, I was surprised to see something he’s done I hadn’t seen. Being a giant Blockhead fan, I was surprised to see something he’s done I haven’t seen. Not seeing something they both did is outrageous.

    I actually saw these for the first time about 3 weeks ago, almost died laughing from the awkward comedy.

    Best moment “I’m going to take off my wedding ring for this segment, and I’m gonna put it on.”

    Definitely great.

  3. I loved these when they came out, Rob sonic’s face when he keeps missing is priceless.

    I was actually a little excited to see you guys get a spot on mtv. It was like some underdogs throwin a wrench in mainstream dbag tv. I can just imagine a bunch of regular viewers of the Hills seeing your stuff interrupt their regularly scheduled crap and being like, OMG WTF.

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