Soul Train was way better than I remember

I recently watched a VH1 documentary on Soul train and it blew my mind. Not that I didn’t think Soul Train had had some great moments but all my memories of it were from the 80’s and 90’s when it was kinda just a slightly better version of “The grind” with your boy Eric Nies.
Holy shit was I wrong.
Apparently, in the 70’s, it was the best fucking show ever. I’m not even a huge fan of live performances in general but some of the clips they showed were phenomenal. Not only did they have amazing artists on there but they ACTUALLY sang, as opposed t the lip synching that was the standard when I watched that show in the 80’s and 90’s. So, in an attempt to do my part is spreading the love, I gathered a bunch of these clips, as well as converted them to mp3’s for your downloading pleasure.
Peep it
Here’s Al green singing his ass off with his arm in a sling after breaking it earlier that week:

James brown losing his shit with the JB’s

Aretha live is some serious shit.

This is just motherfuckers dancing but damn, how dope is that? If they replaced all those shitty dancing shows on TV with stuff like this, the world would be vastly improved.

Stevie Wonder doing “Superstition”

This one has no video but it’s Stevie Wonder improvising a song live about Soul Train. I seriously have listened to this song like 50 times in the past week.

And here’s one that wouldn’t embed but it’s amazing. Sly and the family stone doing “If you want me to stay”

Here’s a zip of all the live performances in mp3 form:

3 thoughts on “Soul Train was way better than I remember

  1. Great shit, man. I remember that Stevie Soul Train song very well. Maybe they were running throwbacks on tv or maybe someone posted it in the last couple of years, cause I’m not sure if I was even born when this aired.
    I gotta agree with you on the wackness of the show in the late 80s and 90s. Except for a few of the dancers, that were fap material, shit was borderline garbage half the time.

    I actually had an old 45 from the, I guess, early 70’s from the Soul Train. The label had the SOul Train insignia. I don’t remember what the main song was, but the b-side was a classic, imo. It was called “garbage can” or something like that.
    When people would send their wack demos to the show I co-hosted around 03-04, we would usually throw the “garbage can” record on and cut off the demo. It seemed funny at the time. I mean, it 2003, we weren’t getting any REAL demos sent in, just thuggalistic player fagboy bullshit.

    Thanks for another bangin blog post, Blockhead.
    verge tibbs

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