Posse Cut Extravaganza Vol. 10

Volume 10 , motherfcukers! The second to last. After that. I’m done. I’m looking forward to it.
Anyway, this volume is full of great songs. I feel like these compilations have been actually getting better. This volume contains my all-time favorite posse cut, Ice Cube’s “color blind”. As well as gems like “Think Big” and the highly underrated “Down the line”.

1)Down the line: Nice & Smooth Feat.Preacher Earl, Melo-T, BAs Blasta, Asu and Guru
2)Spontaneous: The leaders of the New School Feat. Blitz, Capital, Kollie Weed, Cool Whip Brittle low, Jeranimo, Pudge God, Rampage, and Sha-now
3)Cypha session: Cella Dwellas, Kazo, Chaunce Lover, Trix Galore, Nugget, Da Bush Babees and Doug E Fresh
4)Flavor Unit Assassination Squad: The Flavor Unit Feat. Apache, Double J, Lakim Shabazz, and Queen Latifah and Lord Alibaski
5)Think B.I.G.: Pudgee The Phat Bastard Feat. Lord Tariq and The Notorious B.I.G.
6)Roll with the flava (remix): The Flavor Unit Feat. Treach, Chip Fu, Freddie Foxxx, Kid Capri, Queen Latifah, Heavy D, D-Nice, and Dres
7) Bring it on: The Geto Boys Feat. 2-Low, Too Much Trouble, 007, E-rock, Devin The Dude, Jugg Mugg, Gangsta NIP, DMG , 3-2 and Big Mellow
8)Color Blind: Ice Cube Feat. Kam, Wc, Coolio, J-Dee, and Threat
9)Beg No Friends (Remix): Strictly Roots Feat. Broadway and Fat Joe
10)Down South Hustlaz: Rick Ross Feat. Young Buck, Willie D, Trae and Bun-B

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