Song of the day 6/6/10

I’m Rhymin’ By Mr. Complex

Way before Cam’ron mastered the art of rhyming the same word for 16 bars, Mr. Complex tackled that style and pretty much put it to bed. This song was off of Mr Complex’s first 12” (core records) and the beat is by Pharoah Monch. Good stuff.
Pretty much guarantee that this is the only rap song ever to rhyme the words “sandwich” and “sand witch”.

4 thoughts on “Song of the day 6/6/10

      • hey man, if there is nowhere else where it is safe to prove how much of my teenage years were spent in front of yo mtv raps and rap city (and the vhs tapes i made of them) it’s got to be here. i only remember clever jeff because i was so disappointed with his album. he had that one single i think for “city” and the rest of the album was on some diet “jazzmatazz” meets cantaloop shit. But I had the tape and his grill was constantly staring at me while i just wished the album wasn’t as wack as it was.

        p.s. is it true Aesop Rock has an album coming out this year? And are you responsible for any of the production? Crossing my fingers on both counts, peace.

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