Song of the day 6/7/10

Rich Folks Hoax By Rodriguez
Rodriguez (AKA Sixto Diaz Rodriguez) was once famous…in Australia. His song “sugar man” was a hit in the early 70’s. Even though he was from detroit, his career never really took off in the states. This is unfortunate cause his album “cold fact” is a pretty great piece of work. He blended folk with a bugged out (IE DRUGS) psych rock edge. This song is a great example of it cause it starts out as a typical folk song but half way through it’s already somewhere different , musically.

1 thought on “Song of the day 6/7/10

  1. Yeah. Rodriguez rules! He hangs out at the Motor City Brewery all the time. Once saw him trading touring stories with the lead singer of The Dirtbombs, who was casually playing records all night.

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