Breaking Bad on ABC

Hey! Guess what? Breaking Bad is easily the best show on tv and it’s third season just came to an amazing end. If you’re not watching this show, you’re playing yourself. Remember how you didn’t watch “The Wire” at first ,even though everyone was telling you how good it was? I remember doing that, so , a few of you must know what I’m talking about. Well, Breaking Bad is the same shit. It’s like an awesome hour long movie every week. Anyway, just did an awesome parody of it and I thought I’d share it.
Just a heads up, If you’ve never seen the show, this will be a total waste of time for you. But you deserve it for for ignoring something that could bring you so much joy
The video won’t embed , so here’s a link:

6 thoughts on “Breaking Bad on ABC


    Thanks Block….that was awesome, I died laughing….I’ve been trying to spread the word about Breaking Bad forever…..hands down the best show in a looong time.
    The end of season 3 made me realize how much I truly love this show.
    I get giddy 🙂


  2. Just watched the first episode and i must say…it’s fucking good,im already hooked.
    Didnt think i could take Hal seriously outside Malcolm in the middle.
    Anyway thanks for giving the heads up on the show big guy!

  3. Breaking Bad is such a great show! The sneak preview for Rubicon that they showed looks like a mind bender too. AMC does massive amounts of work when it comes to tv shows.

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