Oh snap! Peep my new Video!

So, After a bunch of months of works, fantastic artist Anthony Schepperd made a video for my song “The Music Scene” off my newest album of the same name. Seriously, this shit is awesome and it’s , without a doubt, the coolest thing anyone has ever put my music too. I don’t do acid, but i imagine this being pretty much being the best thing ever to watch if you do.
Peep it!

17 thoughts on “Oh snap! Peep my new Video!

  1. Holy shit, you weren’t kidding when you said that was trippy! Massive Congrats on this!

    Out of curiousity, when someone makes a video for one of your songs, does it make you feel different or draw different emotions than the ones you originally had when making the song? I’ve always felt that way about giving rappers my beats and hearing the vibe of the song change, but I’ve never had the luxury of getting a music video made.

  2. That was really amazing. I picked up the music scene and I gotta say its great, but that video was really strong.

  3. Congrats man, its a thing of beauty.

    I see your the same age as me Tony… dropping acid at this age is something you might not get over… for better or worse.

    Although “Psychedelic Hip Hop Downtempo DJ/Producer Blogger Comic Genius” kinda just rolls off the tongue.


  4. Just got The Music Scene last month (loving it) and that video totally changed how I will listen to that song.

    By the way, I meant to tell you, the way I heard about you was through this thing at my school:

    My professor brought in an artist who would paint while listening to lyricless music. My prof picked “You’ve got Maelstrom” and the guy did an amazing piece of a giant robot taking over a city.

    He’s got a website, check him out:

  5. fucking magnificent musically and visually. not much to elaborate on that
    and as far as being on acid goes, i doubt id be able to handle watching the whole thing without melting

  6. I just realized something Block. This video looks a lot like Sun Ra’s video for Pink Elephants(albeit this one is a bit more out there, that’s for sure). Do you happen to like Sun Ra?

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