Ron Artest is great

I won’t lie, A finals playoffs series between the Celtics and the Lakers could not be lower on my to do list if it was a soccer game. Probably the two NBA teams I dislike the most (shout out to the spurs, who I also hate) playing a 7 game series where , to me, there really can be no winner. But, whatever, the lakers pulled it off, whoopty doo.
However, the was one bright spot for me, and that is Queen’s own , Ron Artest. Ron is obviously kinda crazy and has never held his tongue in his life. Whether asking Craig Sager to say “Queensbridge” at the end of a post game interview

or taking the fallen off shoe of an opposing teams player and throwing it away from him

or climbing into the stands to attack a fan after he got his with a cup of beer , the dude is 100% real. So, my highlights from the 2010 playoffs?
(Video not available. HMMMMMMM!)
Ron Artests post game press interview.

As a little bonus, here’s Ron and Yao Ming at the end of a press conference. Yao got jokes.

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