Song of the day 6/24/10

Hot By John Forte

John Forte always had a lot of potential. He killed it on the Fugees album “The score” then followed that up with an extremely lackluster solo album that came and went. This song was one that never made the album but was released on vinyl. It’s just him ripping a verse over a dope mid 90’s type beat.
I dunno whatever happened to him but…oh wait…he got sent to jail for drug trafficking and then was later on pardoned by G.W. Bush by way of Carly Simon. That happened as well. Whatever. I like this song. He’s obviously a much better mc than he is a drug mule.

2 thoughts on “Song of the day 6/24/10

  1. i heard his latest EP the other day and it was actually pretty dope. john’s dope. but i think his wyclef association hurt him more than helped him

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