Throwaway Files Vol. 11

Here’s volume 11 of my “throwaway files” series. If you do the math, counting this installment, you now have 165 beats of mine that were never used. Jesus…That’s a whole Tupac back catalogue right there.

9 thoughts on “Throwaway Files Vol. 11

  1. I am an asshole for having missed 63 of these (maybe 64)… And I’d thought I was truly a B-sider :[ Going back through the roll now.

  2. Hey man! i appreciate! you got a fan all the way to Mexico, in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon! I’ll make sure its not just thrown, thanks a lot!

  3. Hey Block,

    these mediafire links are crashing out each time i try to open in a new tab. Are they somehow expired or is it a registration thing? Each time i try to get to download these beats youre hooking up it reads INTERNET EXPLORER CANNOT DISPLAY THE WEB PAGE.

    Any ideas?

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