Short But Sweet

Fuck all these long ass songs. Sometimes, all you need is a minute or two to get your point across.
Back in the day I used to make cassette pause tapes and there would always been a little room at the end of each side. I always had a bank of short songs I could fit in to prolong the mix. Nowadays, a mix cassette is obviously not happening so here’s a mix of short rap joints that I love. Nothing longer than 2 minutes and some change. Hooray for short attention spans!
1)Creative Control: O.C
2) Say hello to goodbye: Intuition
3)Rhymes is hypnotic: Rakim
4)A taste of chocolate: Big Daddy Kane
5)Extasy: P.A.
6)Lingering: Jak Progresso
7)Let off a couple: The Beatnuts
8)Why the hittin foe: Ice Cube
9)Akbar’s Joint: Jamalski (but really it’s Ackbar)
10)Friend Of Foe: Jay-Z
11)Balloon Knots: Cage
12)The March: Aceyalone
13)Nigga Shit: Big Pun
14)Lil’ Crumbsnatchers: Del The Funkee Homosapien
15)Sandwiches: The beatnuts
16)That Bullshit: Casual (but really Saafir)
17)U still smokin that shit?: Stetsasonic
18)Departure: Jay Electronica
19)The Promo: Camp Lo

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