Song of the day 6/28/10

718 Kit By The Jungle Brothers

The Jungle Brothers album “Done by the forces of nature” is probably one of my all time favorites. When it came out , I pretty much listened to it all the time for a year. They followed up with an album called “J.Beez with the remedy” which was a pretty terrible album. Sure, some people will try and tell you it was some next level shit but the reality is it was a complete mess with MAYBE 2 decent songs on it. Don’t believe the hype! anyway, This particular song came out between those two albums and was pretty much the last Jungle Brothers song I liked (they’ve had a few decent songs since then but nothing remotely close to anything on DBTFON). It’s off the “livin’ Large” soundtrack and Jungle Brother mc Afrika actually had a supporting role. That in itself is pretty amazing.

6 thoughts on “Song of the day 6/28/10

  1. all good points but my jimmy weighs a ton may be the best jungle brothers song, and one of the best hip hop songs period.

      • r u referring to the qtip remix? that was cool but i am actually talking about the album version. i guess we jus got different tastes but maybe u could go back to it. it sounds like a real good madlib beat before madlib.

  2. Yo Block, thought you might dig this. This Lissie woman is a stone cold fox and she does a better version of a Kid Cudi song than Kid Cudi himself.

  3. I got DBTFN when I was on X-mas holiday visiting my grandparents in the east end of London. I sat on the stoop listening to it over and over. When I got back to Canada I was still blasting it so loud on my headphones that I almost got run over by a horse. Awesome album. Based off that, I got their VIP album in Japan. TERRIBLE.

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