Diss Track Extravaganza Vol. 2

Last week was no one off, yo! Here’s volume 2 for your negative mind. BEEF BEEF BEEF!
1)Ghost Unit: The Game (dissing G-unit)
2)Hit’em up: 2Pac (dissing biggie)
3)I’m calling you a bitch: Tweedy Bird Loc (Dissing Queen Latifah)
4)4-Letter Word: Cage (Dissing Eminem)
5)Keep Talkin’:T.I. (dissing Lil’ Flip)
6)Checkmate: Jadakiss (dissing 50 cent)
7)Jack the rapper: LL Cool J (dissing Kool moe dee)
8)Drop a gem on ’em: Mobb Deep (dissing 2Pac)
9)Street wars 3: Beanie Sigel (Dissing Nas)
10)New york, New york: The dogg Pound (dissing the east coast in general)

14 thoughts on “Diss Track Extravaganza Vol. 2

  1. Man it sucks… Gone are the days of legendary diss tracks such as these. Rappers are so buddy-buddy now so they don’t step on any toes or lose potential fans for dissing another rapper they make like. Every mainstream rappers SINGS hooks or “raps” on each others’ tracks, so there’s very little room for beef. Not to ramble too much, but I saw the Drake documentary on MTV- Better than Good Enough(I think that was the name)- and I can’t help but think that all of these rappers are straight Pre-Madonna’s off the bat man. I could hear them screaming the age old “You’ll never work in this town again!” if someone dare not mean their woe and wimb.

    So I’ve gotta ask Block, since “The Music Scene has got you down” what’s your thoughts, could we get a look into the mind O’Block?

  2. Never woulda thunk, 15 years ago, that a clown like drake would be able to do well in this rap shit. sad.
    Anyways, keep these comps comin(nh), definitely enjoy these focused type comps. Thanks.

  3. Have you heard “How to Rob an Actor” with Michael Rappaport? It was on one of the High and Mighty albums. I don’t know if I’d consider it a diss track but he does talk shit about a bunch of actors. It’s stupid but kind of funny and he goes over an old Gravediggaz beat.

    Also, didn’t Mobb Deep have a comeback track for the New York New York song called LA LA or something along those lines? That would have been a good addition to this mix.

    • i forgot about that rappaport song. I might as well put in that “dirt nasty” song “droppin’ names” , if i use that though.

      and , word, mobb deep did drop “la, la”. I could be wrong but i feel like, even though it was a response to “ny ny” , it was still kinda vague and didn’t go directly at anyone.

  4. Dr Dooom – No chorus
    it’s the best diss ever imo…dissing the whole hip hop game, and that was 10+ years ago

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