Check this shit out…Werdemup Podcast

I recently put together a little mix of songs I love for a podcast by my homeboy Isaiah Toothtaker. It’s been upped and I figured some of you might be into that (even though , if you read this blog, you’re probably up on a lot of these songs already). It’s a continuous mix of all sorts of shit. You can download (or just listen to it) here on ITUNES:

While you’re there you should subscribe to the podcast. It’s pretty great.

7 thoughts on “Check this shit out…Werdemup Podcast

  1. You know what would be real interesting…if you posted a bunch of the songs you sampled, just for us to see where the samples come from, how you changed them, how you laced them together…just an idea.

    • honestly, I don’t have many mp3’s for most of the stuff anyone would recognize….not to mention, the majority of the songs I’ve sampled, are pretty bad songs that just happen to have one little good part. also, I’m not trying to put my shit out there like that, you never know who’s reading this. Getting sued cause of a blog post would be a bad look.

    • here ya go:
      1)rough enough” freddie foxxx
      2)the whore said it’s yours: threat
      3)L.O.L. : danny brown
      4)Class of my own: young chris
      5)Superman: diamond D
      6)Balloon knots: Cage
      7)how that sound?: BD booze and fish
      8)my crew: Labtekwon
      9)one of the hardest: Saafir
      10)mess: self says
      11)departure: jay electronica
      12)four walls: eddie holman
      13)I cry in the morning: dennis olivieri
      14)yesterday is here: tom waits
      15)sad little girl: les mccann
      16)jordan river: maxie and glen
      17)collage: the three degrees
      18)morning sun: al murray and the cimrons
      19)bra: cymande

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