Things that are wrong with the world Part 10

In continuing with the trend set here
Here is yet another asian gangster rapper who seriously isn’t getting the “usage of the word ‘nigga’ memo”.

I’m willing to bet this guy has pleasured himself to more than one DMX video and he owns a satchel full of Drag-on’s nutsac hair.

7 thoughts on “Things that are wrong with the world Part 10

  1. WTF? Why the hell would they say that? I’m a black dude that still can’t exactly understand the whole “reverse-psychology, its a positive word now” thought came from or even where the lines of entitlement reside(because Hispanics are allowed to say it). I just don’t understand why ANYONE would say the word especially someone who isn’t exactly directly affected by it. One thing I will say though is that Asians have gotten shafted by America plenty of times, but it doesn’t make this cool(in such simple ways).

    I’d imagine other decent Asian rappers like Mike Shinoda(I hate LP, but his Fort Minor CD was decent) and Jin(the dude was overlooked, the Emcee’s Properganda was a good album) are probably not too cool with this.

    • you are being very generous with your props to both shinoda and jin but I agree with your point. It’s pretty unacceptable. Thus the whole “things that are wrong with the world” title.

  2. He’s very bad at rapping in general so I’m guessing the whole usage of the word is his gimmick to sound tough. He sounds like DMX with the body of 50 Cent and face of Jet Li.
    pretty beast cross-over.

  3. I don’t know exactly why it is that I find it very easy to hate on my own… Probably because most (<- yeah that's the right qualifier) of the Asian rappers I've heard are terrible. Jin is garbage and this KO dude is just fresh off the dump-boat.

  4. At least white people aren’t dropping the N bomb anymore. At least not like they used to.

    And Cool Calm Pete is a dope Asian emcee, in my opinion. Not sure why but I feel the need to bring that up.

    Funny how this dudes homeboys have to censor their eyes because they don’t want anybody to know they roll with Blacky Chan. Is this the whole video? KO must have used up his budget (aka his allowance) on the first minute of the video.

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