Song of the day 6/26/10

Party Down By Little Beaver
I’d put money on this song being the most mellow song ever titled “Party Down”. Not that it’s a slow and depressing song but I feel like Little Beaver might have been partying with heroin.
Whatever the case, enjoy your weekend and do some version of partying down (preferably without the heroin).

Song of the day 6/24/10

Hot By John Forte

John Forte always had a lot of potential. He killed it on the Fugees album “The score” then followed that up with an extremely lackluster solo album that came and went. This song was one that never made the album but was released on vinyl. It’s just him ripping a verse over a dope mid 90’s type beat.
I dunno whatever happened to him but…oh wait…he got sent to jail for drug trafficking and then was later on pardoned by G.W. Bush by way of Carly Simon. That happened as well. Whatever. I like this song. He’s obviously a much better mc than he is a drug mule.

The bummy bitch quarter life crisis

Ok, this is gonna seem kinda harsh but I’m really just trying to help.
I’ve noticed a trend in girls when they hit their mid/late 20’s. I’d like to call it the “The bummy bitch quarter life crisis”. Obviously, this isn’t referring to all girls of that age, but there are a noticeable amount who seem to hit a wall…physically. I see how it happens. You’ve been able to drink 5 nights a week and eat cheeseburgers at 4 am your whole life yet keep that svelte girlish figure. You’ve been smoking cigarettes for ten years and , aside from coughing a little, the effects are ignorable. However, something happens to a females body around 25-27 when all that youthful resilience starts to wane. All of a sudden, you’ve put on 15 pounds and you’re skin is starting to age rapidly. now this, as a thing that happens to all people, I really can’t hate on. It’s easy to lose track and just all of a sudden look down and “woah, i have a gut!”. My issue is the people who refuse to do anything about it. Not even on some “you lazy piece of shit” type thing. It’s more a question of where is your vanity? where’s your pride? It’s like throwing in the towel after getting hit once. No one wants to look like shit. that’s a given. but there’s got to come a time when you’re rummaging through old photo albums and you stumble across a picture from 3 years ago…and barely recognize yourself. I sure know that feeling. i look at pictures of myself from my late teens and early 20’s and it’s pretty depressing. But not cause I’m a huge fat ass now. it’s cause i’ve aged accordingly. and, as we all know, getting old sucks. I realize, it’s kinda unfair cause men and women age differently. We too go through the age where we can no longer eat whatever we want and not get fat. fortunately for us, it’s a little later (early 30’s). But for these mid-20 year olds who have skated through life on their looks, they are in for a grim reality. All those years they scoffed at the fat girl are about to come back ten fold. Cause not only will they be joining the ranks, They’ll have the awful addition of knowing what it was once like to be a skinny girl. They’ve lived their whole lives as the pretty/skinny/fit girl and have garnered the attention being that girl entails. They have no idea what it’s like on the other side. and no episode of tyra will ever prepare them for it. It’s like the opposite of when a formally fat guy loses lots of weight and is all of a sudden a handsome guy. so now, you have a handsome guy with the charming and humble personality of a fat guy. you know what that guy gets? laid. On the other end, you have a formally hot and trim girl who gains a ton of weight. so now, you have an annoying , vapid and entitled fat girl that no one wants anything to do with. You know what that person gets? Lonely. That’s the problem. It’s not like these girls have been overweight their whole lives and it’s been a constant battle. People with actual weight issues really can’t be blamed. It’s genetics and it’s simply harder for them to work it off. No, these girls have basically chosen that route. When the fork in the road came and the first signs of gut started popping up they saw two signs. one read “exercise a little. don’t eat like a pig, stop drinking all the time and quit smoking” the other read “ride this hedonistic fattie lifestyle out and be a lazy sack of shit” , trust me, you can tell which one a girl has chosen.
Now, before any of you girls out there get all up in arms about this shit, recognize, I’m no beacon of good health. Me with my shirt off isn’t exactly the jump off. However , as badly as i do sometimes eat and as lazy as i can be, I do TRY to keep my shit together. I’m attempting to postpone that woeful day where i look in the mirror and say “well, we had a good’re officially this guy now…this fat douche bag of a guy”. So, for you girls out there , it’s not too late. jump on it now before you become the woman with 12 cats and a vagina dustier then ancient parchment. The world is a cold place in general..but trust me, it’s a hell of a lot colder for a sloppy bum ass bitch.

Song of the day 6/23/10

Green eyed monster, Grey eyed fool By Beat The Devil

I think one of the first “song of the day” posts I ever did was a Beat the Devil song. You should go find it. It’s a great song. Here is another. Beat the Devil is a now defunct New York group that put out an awesome EP (available on I-tunes) and a Full length and then decided to call it quits. It’s really too bad cause they were really onto something. Lead singer Shilpa Ray has one of those completely original and rare voices and she uses it well…oh, and she plays the harmonium. She now has a band called Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers.
Bassist Mishka Shubaly is also a very talented guy and has been making solo music for a while , as well as working with a few other bands.

Children’s Hospital

I just got put onto this show , created by Rob Corddry, called “Children’s Hospital”. It’s ten 5 minute webisodes starring a bunch of awesome people like Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Rob Huebel, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Nick Kroll, Ed Helms, and David Wain. It was made in 2008 and season two is about to start on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. Unfortunately, the link where I watched all the episodes is down and I can’t find any of these anywhere….EXCEPT, the first episode that is on youtube. Hooray for that!

If anyone has links to the other ep’s, lemme know…I’ll throw them up here.
Whatever the case, this shit is awesome and I’m looking forward to the second season.

Song of the day 6/22/10

Open your mind By The Atban Klan

Before The Black Eyed Pea’s were the worst group on the face of the earth, they were known as The Atban Klan. A harmless Souls of Mischief rip off group that was gonna get put out by Eazy-E. They dropped a single called “Puddles of H2O” and then Eazy died and their album “Grassroots” got shelved. While this was no huge travesty, I will say this: That album is not bad. I had a friend who worked at Relativity records (they distributed Ruthless records at that point) back then and he hit me with a promo copy of it on cassette. While the rhymes were just ok, the strength of the album was really the production. The highly under-rated and mostly forgotten production team of Epic & Wolf produced the whole album and , no lie, pretty much every beat on the album is dope. Here’s the first track off it.