This girl has a mouth on her…

I gotta admit, I’m well over many tenets of hip hop. I’m old and jaded and simply can not give a fuck about things like break dancing and watching dj’s juggle records. Nothing wrong with that shit, I’m simply over it.
Beatboxing certainly falls into that category as well. Much like the other things mentioned, it’s obviously a talent. I sure as hell can’t do it (or any of those things , for that matter) but if some dude is trying to beatbox for me, best believe i’m mentally checking out within seconds of the first speckle of spit flying off his lip. HOWEVER, there are exceptions. This is one of them. This video has gotten tons of run (judging by the amount of plays on Youtube) but I only recently saw it so I’m just gonna stubbornly go ahead and assume you might not have seen it yet. It’s of 17 year old , canadian beat box champion Julia Dales. Now, I’m Nice with some fake fart sounds using my mouth, but this girl’s shit is straight up ridiculous.
peep it:

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