So, this website and/or dj (no clue, i didn’t really investigate) just did this mash up of a song I did with DJ Signify called “1993”. They put the Kanye/Lil’ Wayne song “Barry Bonds” over it and I’m not really sure what to think about it.


While it’s no secret I’m not the biggest Lil Wayne fan, I can actually admit that I think Kanye has not only made a grip of really dope songs but he’s also rapped really well in the past. I think he sounds good on this song. Maybe I just get excited when I hear rappers over samples and breaks and not bleeps and bloops and lil’ jon drums. I dunno. You make the call: Yay or Nay?

11 thoughts on “YAY OR NAY

  1. not the biggest kanye or lil wayne fan…but man do i love this beat…play the 45 of it often. but kayne voice goes smooth over the beat but i just cant do the lil wayne so lets go with yah but no lil wheezy

  2. It was ok, they didn’t use the best part of the song though. The vocal sample that goes something like ” i’m not as crazy as I used to be”, it would have worked well after Kanye’s line “something crazy on my arm”. Maybe I am just too critical I give it a 6.5

  3. Not a huge fan of either of them but I def must admit that kanye flowed with your beat pretty dam well…lil wayne just sounded horrible as usual

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