Upcoming shows

Since I have No real post for today, I figured it would be a good opportunity to do a little shameless self promotion. I got a bunch of shows coming up in the next few months (with even more after that), so here’s a brief rundown:

7/14/10: Opening for El-p and despot in Philly at Johnny Brendas
I’ll be the first act so, if you’re coming to see me, I’d advise to come early

7/23/10: The Photosynthesis Festival: Randle , Washington
I believe I go on at 1am. but, If you recently read my entry about that disaster festival show, I’m sure that could change. But, for now, we’re going with that.

7/29/10 Brooklyn Bowl in Bk, NY
This is also on the earlier side. I go on at 9.

Skip ahead to september and we got this:

9/11/10 I’m playing it Pittsburg. I actually don’t have details beyond that right now but I’ll be there. I’ll update this when I find out.

Shortly after that, I’m doing a little west coast tour, Co-headlining with Signal Path
Here’s that rundown
9/16 Seattle, WA Nectar Lounge
9/17 Bellingham, WA The Wild Buffalo
9/18 Portland, OR Refuge
9/21 San Diego, CA The Casbah Cafe
9/22 Santa Cruz, CA Moe’s Alley
9/23 Arcata, CA Arcata Theatre
9/24 Berkeley, CA Shattuck Down Low
9/25 Los Angeles, CA The Roxy

In mid to late october I’ll be touring the east coast , a little down south and a little midwest but I don’t have those dates locked down yet.

Also a chance I may be hitting europe in november/december.
Obviously, I’ll let you know.
For more details on the shows I mentioned above go here:

21 thoughts on “Upcoming shows

  1. Does ‘east coast’ include Boston at all? 😦 I hope it does. Not nearly enough good hip hop/DJ acts come here.

  2. Enjoy the blogs and albums. Wouldn’t know what to expect from a live show of yours. Look forward to Los Angeles. wez-zerd.

    • I can help you with that. It’s me with a laptop mixing shit together. Not like a dj so much but more like making a continuous song using parts of my songs, other songs and random famous/quirky weird shit. If you like my albums, you’ll like the music. It’s not much to watch really but good for the ears.

  3. Hey Blockhead any time for Miami, FL?? what did you think of this city when you were down here with Aesop?? its not all reggaeton and Im In Miami Bitch!! anthems.. ok maybe it is but come down here and show them how its done brah!!

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