Song of the day 7/13/10

Thoughts of a negro By Hard Knocks

Hard Knocks is one of those mid-90’s groups that just happened vanish under the rug. I remember reading the review of this album in “The Source” and the writer described the MC as a mix between Guru and Rakim. I’d actually say that was pretty on point. The only album they ever released “School of hard knocks” Is definitely a slept on jewel from that era. Very angry. Very pointed. Definitely an album that would not be made today which is unfortunate.

2 thoughts on “Song of the day 7/13/10

  1. hey i love your blog man.. i wanted to see if you saw this new Flying Lotus video already and i didnt know where to post this so ill just call it my youtube vid of the day

    Flying Lotus – MmmHmm

    very dope indeed my friend

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