Song of the day 7/15/10

K Sera Sera By Justin Warfield

This song is one I have mixed feelings about. One one hand, it’s possibly one of my all time favorite beats. Prince Paul Murders this track. On the other hand, it’s Justin Warfield. Warfield is (was) an mc from California who pretty much sounded exactly like Q-tip when he came out. His debut song “season of the vic” definitely wins the award for “Song most mistaken for a tribe called quest throwaway track”.

Not that Warfield is even a particularly bad mc, he’s just kinda “meh”. Whatever, just bump this beat. it’s retarded.
I think nowadays he’s doing some sort of rock music ( SHOCKER!).

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 7/15/10

  1. I’ve heard of this guy but never checked out his music. You’re right, sounds like he took some Q-Tip lyrics and just changed the words Weird Al style except he’s not funny. Not horrible but I concur he’s on that meh tip. Season of the Vic reminds me of Vibes & Stuff.

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