Throwaway Files Vol. 12

Holy shit, I totally forgot about these. Well, There are more to come so lemme start this shit back up.
Even though, I believe this is the second to last installment. I guess all things must come to an end eventually.
Here’s volume 12 of beats that time and space forgot.

8 thoughts on “Throwaway Files Vol. 12

  1. props… probably have 30 or so of these tracks in my normal playlists with your other shit, fits in perfectly

  2. Hell yes dude another one?? i love these thanks!

    oh btw.. can you pleaseee make a twitter account!? i can only imagine how funny your tweets (i know.. i just slapped myself for saying ‘tweets’) would be.. plus its the best marketing tool of all.. like Illogic just posted on twitter how hes really interested in making an album with you and its already starting a commotion


  3. these are throw away files because you stopped offering them to rappers? a lotttt of hot beats in here that im sure a lot of rappers would be interested in buying

  4. thank yooooou for putting pianooooo on here.
    u used it on the nyc mix and its one of my favorite moments – awesome to have it as a standalone track.

    you have any plans of releasing other mixes akin to that one in the future btw?

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