Diss track extravaganza pt. 5

Here we go again. Volume 5.
Again, if I’m missing some good old diss tracks, lemme know.
Email: phatfriendblog@gmail.com
Just be sure to go over the other volumes before you write out a list cause I’ve covered a decent amount thus far.
anyway, here goes:

1)Harlem: Jim Jones Feat. Juelz Santana (dissing Jay-z)
2)Fuck Compton: Tim Dog (dissing all rappers from compton)
3)Nail in the coffin: Eminem (dissing Benzino)
4)No chorus: Kool Keith (Dissing all rappers. This one is a stretch but it’s always seemed so pointed as a diss track ,even though it’s more of a diss to a “scene” than any one person, I can’t really ignore it)
5)El Chupa Nibre: DangerDoom (dissing MF Grimm and M.I.C.)
6)Acknowledge: Masta Ace (dissing the High and the Mighty)
7)Pull Ya card: Saafir (Dissing Casual)
8)To da Break of dawn: LL Cool J (Dissing Kool Moe D, Ice T and Hammer)
9)The bitch in you: Common Sense (Dissing Ice Cube)
10)Calling out names: Kurupt (dissing DMX, Murder inc., Rough riders)

8 thoughts on “Diss track extravaganza pt. 5

  1. ras kass kiss u. dissing alchemist and boogie man just you wait. dissing masta ace, oh and cant forget cage haterama 1 and 2

  2. That live battle between Fruitkwan and Shanté is a classic…You heard that? Thinking of dis tracks, how about Canibus & LL?

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