Song of the day 7/22/10

I never cared for you By Willie Nelson

Now, Before you roll your eyes and just skip this song cause it’s by Willie Nelson and you only like break records, give it a chance.
I’m no country music aficionado , in fact I think most of it sucks but there are always a few jewels that pop up. This song is Willie doing his little spanish guitar thing. It’s dope.
Also, if any of you know of good country music (older stuff) that fits into the “not music for dumb rednecks” spectrum, lemme know about it. I’ve really only scratched the surface of the genre and I’m sure there are tons of good shit out there I’m missing.

9 thoughts on “Song of the day 7/22/10

  1. I’ll assume you already have some basic knowledge of Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, and Mr. Cash. On the more rebel/rock tip Waylon Jennings is often overlooked. If you’re looking for a older school style crooner no one can touch Ray Price. Without a doubt you have to check out this guy Unknown Hinson. Look for his website, I’d post it for you here but … no.

    • Jennings is actually a dude I’ve got some stuff by that I like. “do it again” and “gold dust woman” are my joints. any shit like that you can direct me to?
      I’ve got tons of cash and a little hank williams (love his voice but most of his songs sound exactly the same from what i’ve heard). What’s some good merle haggard?

  2. this isnt country but it has John Abercrombie on guitars

    John Abercrombie’s Timeless

    one of the very very few songs i have heard in my life that gives me so much peace and tranquility.. transports me to another place.. a true classic

    oh Black Milk sampled this for a Slum Village track lol

  3. There’s some good stuff in The O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack if you haven’t heard it. This is great

    And here’s the country version of the Jay-Z “In my Lifetime” video just because.

  4. Murder by death is the tits (try in Boca al lupo before red of tooth and claw then wash it all down with good morning magpie!)

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