The Ultimate Warrior was the Ultimate

Ultimate Warrior
When I was younger, I was obsessed with wrestling. From about 5th grade till about 10th grade I would watch any special or weekly show I could find. For my 11th birthday , I went to MSG and saw Andre the Giant wrestle Randy “Macho man” Savage. I ever had subscriptions to wrestling magazines where they covered all the southern bumblefuck wrestling federations where guys like Kerry Von Erich were royalty even though no one outside of arkansas had ever heard of him. Like most young kids, I had a clear favorite. That man was none other than the Ultimate Warrior. At the time, it just made sense. He was a complete lunatic who ran around like a crazed retard. That’s all my 12 year old brain really needed. Eventually, I lost interest in wrestling (Excluding a brief return of interest years later when Goldberg was in his prime). But I still retained a decent memory of those times. But, as is so often the case, Memories don’t always match up to the reality. Nowadays, when I see a clip with the Ultimate Warrior , I see a totally different thing. A roided up guy with serious emotional issues. Lucky for me, I find that hilarious. So, here are some clips of The Warrior acting a fool. Serious laughs to be had right here.
Let’s begin with my favorite:

Here’s the gawd on Arsenio

Here’s a re-edited interview of an older , paintless warrior made to seem like he got raped in a shower

Here he is being a lunatic in an interview with Mean Gene

I’d put up some clips of him actually wrestling but, truth be told, he was kind of a shitty wrestler and who gives a shit?

12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Warrior was the Ultimate

  1. ha ha – dude i remember liking brutus the barber beefcake… i can’t remember anything about him other than i thought it was funny as shit when he would shave and/or spray paint someone’s head. ah, what it is to be ten.

  2. i guess im dating myself but my fav was mick foley. i liked the rock too so when they did the rock n sock connection, that was it for me, it all went downhill from there.

  3. wrestling was amazing back then.I am 30 years hold and cant stand it now days due to the i dont care for any of the new guys. I was crushed when the warrior defeated hulk in a AMAZING match and had taken the belt from hogan. I was like 12 years old and was just crushed when hulk got beat. I was a big hulk guy and didnt like the and my friends would say he just looks cut cause of the shit tied around his arms. LOL

  4. It was all about the warrior when I was a kid.. Other kids were all on hulk and macho shit, but it was all about the warrior.

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