Rappers on “The Weakest Link”

I’m on a plane as I post this. I would normally never shell out money to be on the internet while on a plane, but what can I say. I’m a motherfuckin’ jetsetter! Just kidding. The trust is that fucking Delta airlines decided it would be a dope idea for the only entertainment on a 6 hour flight to be back to to back to back episodes of “2 and half men”.
So, fuck that…
This dude ryan hodges (special shout out to him) just sent me this link and it’s pretty funny so it’ll have to do for today’s entry.

On a side note, while hurling through the sky, I’d just like to say that any guy who has an aisle seat who thinks simply tucking his legs in (as opposed to actually his lazy ass getting up) when someone else in the aisle needs to get up, is at all acceptable, should be punched in the face. The dude sitting next to me had been doing that, as well as coughing and sneezing without covering his mouth for the whole flight. I hope he’s reading this over my shoulder as I type this. Fuck you, guy.

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