Diss Track extravaganza Vol. 6

I got one more of these left for now. Unless, that is, you guys start sending me tons of good diss tracks I totally forgot (phatfriendblog@gmail.com yall!). Lots of white on white crime on this mix.
So, for now, here’s good old volume 6.
1)Second round Knockout: Canibus (Dissing LL Cool J)
2)Destroy and rebuild: Nas (Dissing Nature, Cormega and Prodigy)
3)U still A Aggin: Willie Dee (Dissing Paula Abdul)
4)Professor Booty:The beastie Boys (dissing 3rd Bass)
5)7,700 sold to date: El-p feat PFAC (Dissing Esoteric)
6)Haterama: Cage (dissing Esoteric)
7)I’m Marshall: Eminem (dissing Canibus)
8)Linda trip: El-p (Dissing Sole)
9) Pull ya hoe card: Kam (Dissing Ice cube)
10) Takeover: Jay-Z (Dissing Nas, Prodigy)

5 thoughts on “Diss Track extravaganza Vol. 6

    • I actually don’t really know. I think had to to do with esoteric dissing jux on the low in some interview about mesh hats or some shit. I really don’t remember.

  1. I heard Eso tried to get El-P to sign him to Def Jux and El wasn’t feeling him so he just ignored him. Then El signed Mr. Lif who was down with Esoteric and 7L so I guess that pissed Eso off and he dissed El-P (probably in that interview) and so spawned this beef. I’m sure I have the facts all mixed up but it was something like that. It’s actually pretty funny. There was some Esoteric vs. Def Jux mix floating around a while back. It was all of the back and forth diss tracks between them. None of it was very interesting.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s not what happened. I think eso did give el a record at some point but it was probably during the company flow era, before jux. The mesh hat diss was kinda said without naming names but it was pointed at jux. I don’t remember exactly what he said but he was basically dissing jux on some “selling emsh hats isn’t hip hop” shit. So, el responded on “we’re famous” and everything else came after that.

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