Lil’ preacher baby

This clip is kinda played by now but if you haven’t seen it, you’re kind of an asshole. Because I’m a forgiving man, I’mma post it for all you non-internet savvy types…


9 thoughts on “Lil’ preacher baby

  1. Holy Shit! I’m surprised you didn’t post this under “Things that are wrong with the World”. The subtitles are great. This reminds me of a video my Aunt showed me. She used to work at some Christian TV station and one of those televangelist guys was doing an interview. Out of the blue he pulls a gun out and starts waving it around “to prove a point”. The host of the show freaked out. It was absolutely hilarious. Obviously, they never aired it by my Aunt seized the opportunity to make a copy. I gotta see if I can somehow post a copy of that on youtube. It was epic.

    • Yeah, I was gonna go the “things that are wrong with the world” direction but the cause it was already getting played by the subtitles, I figured it stood on its own.
      also, GET THAT CLIP!

      • I’ll see what I can do. It was that piece of shit Pat Robertson. I’ve been trying to get her to upload it ever since she showed it to me. It’s on VHS so it may take me a while to find someone who can convert it (for all you you youngin’s VHS is what us old folk used instead of DVD’s way back in ancient times – aka the 90’s). But I’ll get it out there eventually. You’re going to love it.

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