Song of the day 7/28/10

Pushin’ Respect By JJ, CeCe and Galit

Calling this “song of the day” is definitely a stretch. This song is admittedly a complete train wreck. I look at it as “found art”. For a little backstory, A bunch of close friends of mine went to Hampshire college. Hampshire is a small hippie school in Mass. that lets kids major in pretty much whatever they want. I would occasionally visit and it was always fun and unlike any other college I had seen. During what was the senior year of most of my friends there, Hampshire college put together a little compilation cd of music made by students. As you can imagine, it was comically terrible and all sorts of LOLZ were born from it. This song is by three people I’ve never met but it’s been a consistent source of unintentional funny over the years. It really epitomizes “Annoying politically correct liberal arts college student” like nothing else I’ve ever heard. I hope just a few of you can truly appreciate the disaster this song is.

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