Song of the day 7/29/10

Don’t play By J-Live

I can’t front, I was never that big a fan of J-live. I mean, I see the dude was talented and everything I just didn’t get into any of his albums. He always seemed like a guy with a dope voice and good flow who never really said anything that interesting. Like Black Thought lite or something. However, I’m also not about to say he never made some good songs. This one is an example of a feel good rap song executed very well. This shit is perfect for just walking around in the summer too. Sure, that may not be the praise your average MC want’s to hear of his song but , for some reason, I feel Like J-live wouldn’t take offense to it. He always seemed like a pretty good guy.

1 thought on “Song of the day 7/29/10

  1. This was always one of my favorite J Live songs. I kinda stopped listening when he started producing his own stuff, but I always thought he was a sick MC.

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