Things that are wrong with the world Part 11

So, Apparently, Lawrence Fishburne Never hugged his daughter cause she’s opted to make a career as a porn star. Not even on some “oops, I leaked a sex tape!” kinda shit…but a real deal “lights camera action…splash” porn star. Now, reading the “things that are wrong with the world” title, you might think i’m referring to her decision to embark on her glorious on screen fucking career. Not so! That is not at all what I’m referring to. On a purely selfish level, it’s kinda cool. She’s cute and I have no issue on watching her make love on screen in the near future (real talk right there). No, my target in this is poor fathering. Now, I have no idea what her relationship with her dad is or what kind of history they have, but judging from her actions, I’m gonna guess they’re not exactly great. Whatever Larry did, he dropped the ball. Bottom line, if your daughter is doing porn, you have dropped the ball monumentally. Luckily for those of us who do , on occasion, enjoy a little adult entertainment, it would appear that many many many dads have dropped the ball. If fathers did their job, there would be like 7 porn stars on the planet.
So yeah, good job Larry, your daughters is awaiting her facial…from this fucking retard:

10 thoughts on “Things that are wrong with the world Part 11

  1. wow, shit is fucked up…. yet another reason why I’ll never have a kid until I can genetically ensure it won’t be a girl

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