Oh snap! More posse cuts!

And here I thought I had was finished with these…Thanks to Phatfriend reader Combo, the posse cuts shall continue.
Combo hit me with two more volumes are good old posse cuts , so now, I give them to you. I’m not gonna lie, there are a few repeats from my series but you can’t really blame the dude. That’s a lot to keep track of.
Whatever whatever, He definitely hooked up some really dope ones I totally forgot about. Here’s the goods:

1)Pass the 40: Black sheep
2)Buddy: De la soul
3)Stranded on death row: Dr. dre
4)Everlast: The rhythm
5)Watch the sound: Fat Joe
6)Roll wit the flava: Flavor Unit MC’s
7)Dwyck: Gangstarr
8)A buncha niggaz: Heavy D and the Boyz
9)Nitty gritty: KMD
10)Money in the bank: Kool G Rap and DJ Polo
11)Rise and Shine:Kool Moe dee


1)Comin’ like this: 2nd II None
2)5 Deadly venoms: 2pac
3)Pass the piote: Willie D
4)Comin’ out the cage: Tweety Bird Loc
5)Verbal intercourse: Professor griff
6)Flip da script: Lord Finesse
7)South Park Coalition: The terrorists
8.Rampage outta control: Raw Breed
9) War in South Park: K-rino
10)Show Business: A tribe called Quest
11)Pimpin’ Ain’t east: Big Daddy Kane

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