New Danny Brown Video

As you all know round these parts, I am a strong supporter of all things Danny Brown Related.
He just made a new video for his song “Shootin moves”, so here it is:

On a side note, the video features art by my homeboy Sam Woolley.
Peep his website:
Dope paintings and he also has T-shirts.

while we’re here, he’s Brown’s old video for “Re-up” in case you missed it:

8 thoughts on “New Danny Brown Video

  1. I’m just curious what you like about Danny Brown? He has a different delivery and that’s cool, but hasn’t all that stuff been said before? I saw aes rock shout him out on his twitter a bunch too, curious what he likes in him as well, though I’ve heard him say he likes delivery more than content. He also said he liked the new freeway album with jake one, that shit is so crazy, but still some of the classic shit, ne way, have a good day block.

    • He’s a breath of fresh air amongst a bunch of boring guys who just “rap”. He brings me back to mc’s I grew up liking. A lot like jay electronica. He’s funny and clever. His voice is dope and he can flow.
      I’m at a point in my rap enjoying life where I have no interest in hearing lyrical miracles. I just wanna hear someone with an original voice spit some creative shit without being corny. Brown is that dude.

  2. Lil Wayne,Danny Brown,and Pusha T(Clipse) my top 3 Danny Brown cataloge is sick im still studying HOT SOUP=DOPE Danny is like a Hybrid rapper..gangsta nrap,dope boy bars,making the struggle sound so real…..

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