Song of the day 8/11/10

Agua de Beber By Astrud Gilberto

Not to be confused with “Agua de Bieber” from the post below (BA DUM DUM!).
This is one of those songs I used to hear a lot when I was kid. I guess my parents must have played it a lot of something. I honestly don’t recall. All I do remember is when this song was re-introduced to my ears in my early 20’s, I immediately knew it as familiar.
I’m not fan of beaches or anything but , if I was, this would be the kinda shit I’d like to hear gently playing as I recline on my beach chair (doing my best to keep the sand out of the portable Tv/laptop I brought with me to keep me entertained on this fictitious boring ass beach).

1 thought on “Song of the day 8/11/10

  1. In a semi-related matter, a rapper from Rhode Island named Symmetry used this sample in a song called bidibop island off of his ‘Aliens, Pirates and Wizards E.P.’ (free download from his myspace page)

    I should be too old to know this shit.

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