Song of the day 8/22/10

Get into something By Just Ice

This is a random one.
For a while , I’d say Just Ice was considered one of the toughest rappers alive. His album covers even scared me. This is a song off on of his later albums “Masterpiece” , which was curiously produced entirely by Grand Master flash. It’s only weird cause this album came out in the 90’s and I can’t really think of anything else GMF really produced aside from this during that era. But, whatever, it’s Just Ice. Fun for the whole family.

4 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/22/10

  1. Man, Just Ice, one of my all time favourites, Goin’ Way Back with KRS is one of the best records ever..and that first album cover, I think it was done by Gnome, classic..Sunday nerdness y’all!!

  2. I actually own a just ice lp, the kool & deadly (justicizms) lp! Mosh it up is the best song with just ice by the way. suicide its a suicide bid diddy bye bye!

  3. Hello Block, the blog is sooo awesome. Thank you very much for the “throwaway files”. I’m listening to you for about 9 years and to me, you’re the one of the greatest producers ever. I’ve got all of your albums on my shelf… I have an atypical question, do know that beat that’s starts bangin at 0:27 of this video?

    Sorry for my english… 🙂 Peace!

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