Things that are wrong in the world part 13

This weeks target is something I’ve touched on many times before. It’s the talentless artist who thinks he’s special. This fucking guy…
When I first saw this, I thought it was a parody skit by Rob Dyrdek. I mean, shit, the dude is basically a terrible pop music version of Dyrdek minus a skateboard.
This dude described his music in 7 words:
Makin’ art, yo!
What he doesn’t realize is that he’s pretty much the musical version of Aziz Ansari’s RAAAAAANDY character.
The only difference is that Raaaaandy is a joke and this guy is 100% serious. Shit like this is the hackiest of all hack material. I doubt this dude even likes music in general, let alone gives a shit about his actual product.
Just a few things of note in this video:
1)Hype man tryouts…how do they work?
I guess it’s come to this . Trying out dudes to be on stage with you to yell “Say Hoeeeeeeee!” while you sing wimpy pop songs to a crowd of people waiting for Flo Rida to come on. DOPE.
2)at 6:19, peep the unrequited fist bump from his new hype man. I dunno why it was so satisfying for me to watch but seeing that dipshit left hanging on his cornball pound really felt good, man.
3)Watching the dude argue with the woman who’s trying to make his live performance better is just excruciating. She’s obviously right and, even more importantly, she realizes he’s a talentless cock sucker and is trying to make a chocolate milkshake out of diarrhea by even working with this herb

So , yeah, fuck this dude and anyone on the planet like him. Unfortunately , it’s asshole’s like him who do eventually make it. Good job, earth!

13 thoughts on “Things that are wrong in the world part 13

  1. I thought my head was going to explode several times while watching this. This guy is a terrible person. I can’t wait for the next show.

  2. Wow. It’s funny when some cat gets a mic and a shitty dell laptop and some fake ass raybans and feels like he’s justin timberlake or something. Hilarious that he documented this, as if it’s something anyone would ever want to seriously appreciate, and also that he’s that special to even be watched.. wtf. JAAAAAAAASYON Ya’ll! wha wha?…… lol. good comparison.

  3. sigh….. well… you gotta give him soemthing right?

    Outside of the cookie cutter sound the ego block is ruining his potential of anything close to what he wants to be. I have been this guy with rapping and that’s why I gave up because reality just set in. I rmember feeling the enjoyment of creating songs and with all the technology out there it’s so fucking EASY to make a professional sounding song so when you get those clean sounding vocals it’s very easy to get complacent. Plus…. is this guy 40? He’s braking into a genre where his market would be like 14-22 with 22 being a stretch. His direct compeition is Justin Beiber.

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