6 thoughts on “Can a french person explain this to me?

  1. want a sample of what they’re saying? “i fuck ass your ass, I pee on your face, I wanna rape her…” and on and on. TBH, I dont’ get the point.

    If you don’t know them it’s “la caution” but this song is wack compared to their other stuff…you should youtube them they’re crazy. they’re very famous for “thé à la menthe”

    • actually, after some research, they want to describe an “immolation”, don’t know if it’s the same word in english, but that’s it apparently.

  2. the editing on this video is off the scale. and maybe, just maybe, if the a la menthe track appeared as an instrumental on the Oceans 12 OST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INqNKICEozQ that could be how they partly financed Bastard of Barbarians, which is PRO in terms of production

    with some influence from Vincent off of La Haine, who they seem to be friendly with in the A La Menthe clip

    He looks so fag in that

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