Song of the day 8/29/10

Move something By M.O.P.

So, My girl moved into my apartment today. Living in sin, 4-REELZ.
So, while this song isn’t exactly about that topic, it does explain what we did all day. We moved some….things.mainly boxes filled with girl crap!

7 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/29/10

  1. Oh Tony you’re growing up so fast. Shortly this blog will be about trips to home depot, picking out a cat, and what the hot new brunch spot is.

    • Dude, you have no idea. I think my next move is gonna make music for some pixar movie about a talking jamaican dog and his lovable puerto rican emu sidekick. You know..something for the kids.

  2. Didn’t you once say
    “give my heart to a woman?
    never happen, not for nuthin
    I be forever mackin’ ?”

    sell out.

  3. What are you gonna do about the porn now? haha i have a girl and all for a while but is it weird that even though i get pussy regularly i still like to watch porn every now and then? hmmm new pussy?? i guess thats why

  4. Pretty soon there will be a castle made of mini-blocks.. Havin’ kids is gangsta. lol jk. Good luck man. Good to hear you have a companion that’ll hear about you’re sweaty-man-chested-b-ball-adventures.. or rants about the most random, yet awesome, shit. I heard that remix on SHIT IS FUCKIN SICK MAN! good shit, i realized, oh yah, i really like block’s music.. not just his sarcastic hilarious views on life. thanks, for both.

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