Song of the day 8/31/10

Don't do it By Syl Johnson
Syl Johnson was the man and everything but, jesus christ, how is the NOT an Al Green song?
I get a lot of shit for sampling but this song is like when commercials don’t feel like paying for some famous song so they tinker with it and create something just different enough to avoid copyright laws. Kinda like that Outback steakhouse commercial that tweaked that Of Montreal song*.

That said, this is still a great song. I suppose, if you’re gonna plagiarize the style of anyone, Al Green is not the worst guy to choose.

*Now, I’m actually assuming Of Montreal re-did this song for the commercial but still, what the fuck?

9 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/31/10

  1. Johnson always labored in Green’s shadow. Go listen to “I Hate That I Walked Away” and tell me that’s not a song that Al Green could be singing, inflection, style and all. It doesn’t help to differentiate that after Johnson got signed to Hi Records, both he and Green had the same backup band, with the characteristic flourish-y organs and slappy snares that are emblematic of that golden era.

    more info and bite-ological examination:

      • i can respect that, matter of opinion

        al green = bigger catalogue but mainly pop songs, plus a lot of what he released was gospel soul which i can’t appreciate

        syl johnson only slipped up on 1 album imo, Uptown Shakedown, which was a horrible disco album

        fwiw, al green also puts on a top shelf show

  2. I think its funny that every time someone wants to make something Australian they throw in the Didgeridoo.

    I’m calling the Syl vs. Al a tie. Those gospel albums (after the hot grits) burned Al.

  3. Camila: did they sell out on the original or the remake?
    Seriously, it already sounded like it could be Hello Kitty’s theme song. This coming from an of Montreal fan.

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