Blockhead’s Album cuts Vol. 1

I often get asked the the question “Hey, what other beats have you made for rappers besides the beats for Aesop?”. Fair question. To be honest, my mind usually goes blank and and I can’t think of anything. The truth is, while the majority of my production work with rappers has been with my man Aesop, I actually do have a decent amount of work I’ve done outside of his albums. So, I decided to gather as much of it as I could and make about 3 compilations worth. I’m not gonna lie, I had to go to right away. In fact, upon reading my own production history, there were not only songs I had forgotten about, but some I still have no recollection of making. Like, I’m literally listening to them for the first time.
Anyway, I did some dirty work and got a bunch of these together. I’d be lying if I said I was proud of every one of these songs, but hey, we all start somewhere. Just keep in mind some of these were made as far back at the late 90’s. So, cut both me and the mc’s involved a little bit of slack. I just figured some of you OCD types might enjoy something like this on some “I need the complete collection of everything!!!” type shit.

Also, there are two songs I could not locate. One is by Many Styles and it’s called “life love and music” and the other is by Lodeck and called “Hotel no motel”. if anyone has a copy of these songs, email them to me so I can add them to the next few volumes (

So, here are all the songs I’ve ever produced for albums not made by Aesop rock.
Blockhead\'s Album cuts Vol. 1
1)Substance D: Despot
2)Twenty Something: Chase Phoenix
3)Stripes: Cage
4)Feed me grapes: Lodeck
5)Mermaid pornography: Mac Lethal
6)Love to fuck: S.A. Smash feat. Aesop Rock
7)Room the breath: Hangar 18
8)Struggles: Vordul Mega
9)Haunting:Chase Phoenix
10)Bicycle(Gold cycle): Cryptic 1
11)I pollute: Lodeck
12)Tuscon: Isaiah Toothtaker

Song of the day 8/24/10

What you seek By Diamond D

This song was always an underrated treasure from a fantastic album. Diamond D’s first solo album “Stunts, blunts and hip hop” was really an album everyone could embrace. Diamond wasn’t the best mc but he was engaging enough. And, on top of that, he was one of the top beat makers of his generation (if not of all time). I always found it funny while lots of rappers (who were technically more talented that Diamond) would make full albums that were typically lacking any depth content wise, while an admitted producer first type like Diamond would actually have songs on his albums that stretched far beyond what most thought he was capable of. This song , however, is just some good old bragging type shit but don’t sleep on Diamond D. there was more than meets the eye with that dude.

That’s a great question…

Remember mad magazine? I used to love that shit when I was a kid. One of my favorite things they did was a cartoon by Al Jaffee called “snappy answers to stupid questions”. This cartoon’s premise was basically: Someone would ask a stupid question and get appropriately zinged back in their grills. For some reason , I had a deja vu moment about that comic strip from some shit I saw on TV. I was flipping channels and for some reason MTv was running endless “America’s next top model” re runs. The second i flip it on, I happen upon Tyra interviewing the wannabe models. The first question she asks is
“Why do you want to be America’s next top model?”
What kinda fucking question is that? You know what kind it is? The kind that creates a bullshit answer like “well, i’ve always felt i’ve had a glow deep inside me that the world needs to see…when i was a baby i was struck by lightning and from then on my momma always said ect ect…” In reality, much like the question “why do you want be the next american idol?”, the real answer is ALWAYS “Well, cause I wanna be rich and famous and shit.” That’s it. Nothing more. There’s no grand scheme behind it beyond that and there never will be. Actually, an alternative answer could be “I wanna be rich and famous and shit…but i don’t wanna put any effort into attaining it so I came on this short bus of a show to speed up the whole process”.
The fact that people even humor the interviewer with an attempt at a “real” answer is pretty funny. But that’s the irony. These kinds of brain dead questions are not only common, but expected on all levels of interviews. From celebrities to trying to get a job.
“So, why do you want to work at Costco?”
These are questions that , no matter what the answer, you’re bullshitting one way or another. It’s like when people talk just to hear their own voices. It borders on cokeheadesque.
I get interviewed on occasion and over the years i’ve become real familiar with stupid questions. One that sticks out is “what are your influences?”.
This is the dead giveaway of a shitty journalist. First off, as a musician, fuck influences. that’s basically asking “who do you bite from?”. Secondly, it’s completely arbitrary. I could say ANYTHING and the interviewer will keep nodding and saying shit like “yeah..totally..uh huh…”. For the record, my main influences are gregory hines feet, sunsets, rare b-sides by Hall & Oats, abortion, wampum, all bassists in death metal bands and rice pudding.
I understand time needs to be filled on tv and paragraphs need to be filled in magazines and on websites. Certain questions have somehow become not only acceptable, but expected. I can usually tell, within one question in an interview, what the next string of questions are gonna be. And when I can’t, that’s a good interviewer.
All I’m saying is just skip that shit. No one will ever care either way. At a young age, we’re taught to always ask questions. Well, you’re not a fucking toddler anymore. Now it’s time to either know some shit , not care enough to ask or just shut the fuck up and figure it out.

Ask me about old rap

Phat Friend reader Rough Cut recently bought up how I’m kind of an asshole when it comes to fondly remembering older hip hop ( Examples: CL smooth was not a good rapper, Digable planets debut album is boring and I don’t really like The Roots even though, for all intents and purposes, they’re very good at what they do). He is not wrong. He also had an idea where I write a post about old albums and artists and rating them accordingly. This seems like a far too overwhelming task as I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Instead, this post can work as a forum for you to ask me my opinion on any older rappers and albums. Let’s keep it between 1988-2000. That’s really where i feel I have concrete opinions. I promise to be completely honest.
So, using the comments section below, ask away…I’m an open book.

Also, If this goes well, I may extend the idea to other “question” type blogs. This could range anywhere from advice to personal info. Who knows…it could be fun.

Song of the day 8/22/10

Get into something By Just Ice

This is a random one.
For a while , I’d say Just Ice was considered one of the toughest rappers alive. His album covers even scared me. This is a song off on of his later albums “Masterpiece” , which was curiously produced entirely by Grand Master flash. It’s only weird cause this album came out in the 90’s and I can’t really think of anything else GMF really produced aside from this during that era. But, whatever, it’s Just Ice. Fun for the whole family.

Dirt Nasty: What’s the verdict?

If you’re an actual rap fan who takes this shit at all seriously, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Dirt Nasty. Or, if you have, you probably think he’s the worst. I understand. I don’t agree, but I get it. Dirt Nasty is the rap persona of former MTV VJ and Actor* Simon Rex. He’s been making music for a long time now and built quite a following amongst low lives and women who want to have sex with him.
As a rapper, I’d say he’s best known for this song:

It’s pretty much the white Cali guy version of “How to rob…”. Sure, not every joke hits but I gotta say, I find the guy pretty funny. As a person who enjoys both rapping and low brow parody, this kinda thing is right up my alley. I know, as a white dude doing jokey rap, you walk a very thin line. It’s a line that often will offend certain people or cause people to immediately write you off as “bullshit”. Purists hate it (I learned this first hand when the Party Fun Action Committee album dropped and was hated by every person alive) and other musicians rarely appreciate it for what it is. While this kinda thing isn’t for everyone, I do lend some of the hate it gets to people just taking themselves and music , as a whole, WAY too seriously. The thing is, when the guy making the jokes is actually a fan of rap music, you can tell. There’s a big difference between Simon Rex making funny rap songs and some random corny indie rock hipster guy making fun of rap by doing cockeyed version of it. The knowledge and appreciation for the music is actually noticeable, no matter how silly the parody may be. Guys like Dirt Nasty and groups like Team Facelift or Das Racist** (and to a lesser extend PFAC as well) are a weird new breed of funny rap.
People who obviously grew up listening to hip hop , love it but, as the same time, realize the majority of it is a complete joke and needs to made fun of. They’re way more insiders than they’re given credit.
For instance, Here’s Simon Rex and Andy Milonokis doing a Grind Time battle Bit.

They’re just taking the piss out of the whole process of Grind Time. Something I think even people who do Grind Time can appreciate.
Rex’s whole shtick is a dude who does mass amounts of drugs , fucks every girl in the world and genuinely doesn’t give a fuck. I really can’t say how much of this is real (as I’ve heard he does , in fact, fuck every girl in L.A.) but I think it’s kinda awesome that a dude who could have very well had a decent acting career opted to say fuck that shit and just do him. Like a real life Joaquin Phoenix (with much less initial fame). Not just that he did it, but he seems to be fairly successful doing it. Living the dream, yo!
I mean , this dude was on MTV , introducing Jewel videos and now he does hit like this:

To me , that’s a huge upgrade.

Anyway, I was curious what people honest opinions on him were. Do you hate him as much as I think you do?

Aside from some roles here and there in actual movies , he was also known for appearing in a solo masturbation porno film when he was in his late teens. This movie was aimed at gay dudes and is pretty fucking suspect but hey, I’m assuming he needed the money. It’s funny that anyone would take that much of an issue with this considering most male porn stars from years past did straight up gay porn (Peter North being a good example) as a stepping stone into straight porn. I’d say that much worse than just jerking off on camera, while alone.

The link embedding process on here is very moody and right now , it’s being a bitch. so here’s a Das Racist video:

Song of the day 8/20/10

Monster By The Vitamen
The Vitamen are band from Brooklyn who may or may not still be together. I honestly don’t know. This song popped up on my I-tunes today and I had totally forgotten about it. I think this is one that anyone who has ever gotten too drunk, or known that guy who always gets to drunk, can relate to.
That “kicking garbage cans over lunatic” kind of drunk that most people can relate to on some level.
Cheers to being that guy…but also fuck him cause who likes a belligerent asshole?

Say what? More Posse cuts? It never will end…

Thanks again to Phat friend Reader Combo for yes another installment of awesome posse cuts. I believe this is the 4th he has let me drop. Good shit!

1)The Rhythm: Bas Blasta
2)U da man: Black Moon
3)Flava in your ear (remix): Craig Mack
4)Crooklyn dodgers: Buckshot, Special Ed and Masta ace
5)Don’t stop: Dana Barros, Cedric Ceballos, A.G, Grand Puba, Sadat X, and Diamond D
6)Aftermath: Kokane
7)Set it off: Main source
8)Doin’ Mc’s sumthin’ Terrible: Pudgee the Phat bastard
9)Rough: Queen Latifah
10)Down with the king: Rud DMC
11)Excuse me as I rip it: Sweet N’ Low
12)Ill Demonic Clique: Umc’s
13)Fuck You:Gangsta NIP

Song of the day 8/19/10

Where I’m From (Remix) By Digable Planets

I might get a lot of shit for this but I kinda think the debut album by Digable Planets , “Reachin…” is very over-rated. I’ve always preferred their second album “Blowout Comb” by a landslide. I think my biggest beef with their debut , outside of none of them being particularly skilled rappers on it, is that they came with whole eccentric jazz style. At the time, this usually meant awesome beats. In the case of their debut, I felt like for people claiming to be these deep digging jazz enthusiasts , they didn’t dig deep enough. A few of the samples they flipped had been used already and , overall, the album kinda sounded like something you’d hear in a weed cafe in Amsterdam. Not to say it was bad , but people speak about it like it was this genre defining record that it simply wasn’t. Their second album, however, really seemed to be what the first one should have been. Amazing production. slightly darker and improved rapping.
This particular song is a remix off a song from their first album but it was a good hint of the direction they were headed in.