God talk!

I am not a religious person. While I wasn’t raised with it, it was somewhat around. I remember one year, my dad (who was a jew) decided we should try passover. I was about 15 at the time and had no clue what he was talking about and my WASP mom just kinda went along with it to appease him. In the end , it was a harmless excuse for the family to have a big meal together but the significance was lost on me.
At that point, I hadn’t given religion much thought. In fact, I had given it so little thought I didn’t even question it. Was the a god? Sure. Why not? That’s what people tell me. Why would they be lying?
At some point around the age of 17/18 , for the first time in my life, I gave the concept of “God” a thought. I’d say about 3 seconds into that thought pattern I realized I no longer believe in God. Logic took over and has pretty much been running things in my head ever since. As I got older, this basic indifference towards religion slowly turned into disdain. Not really towards people who practice religions with a head on their shoulders (you know, the types who go to church but also understand there was no talking snake and an apple or noah’s arc) , But towards the hyperbolized retard version of religion (ALL religions. I’m even looking at you , orthodox jews). The unfortunate part is that these bastardized versions of religion tend to be the most vocal. At least, the most noticeable.
At this point, I’m so far from religion I feel that even something as vague and mystic as “spirituality” is bullshit (sorry Common!). Much like religion, I see it has it’s purposes but I also feel it just as invented and in your head. As much as I find the majority of spirituality to be painfully corny and some hippie bullshit, a least spirituality is peaceful. I’ll give them that.
So, I was thinking about writing this whole blog about religion and my utter dispassion for it (something I’ve eluded to on here many many times) but it occurred to me that everything I could possibly say about it has been said a millions already but people much funnier and smarter than I am. So, I looked through Youtube and found clips of some of my favorite stand up comedians saying exactly what I think, only better…
If you got some downtime , check these out. Laugh at the lord.

7 thoughts on “God talk!

  1. The title had me a bit scared, but wow, this is like a greatest hits of all my favorite comedians and their anti-religion bits.

    Thanks for the collection

  2. Yeah, fuck Christianity. And I’m not an athiest either. Fuck that!
    Buddhism is the only religion that makes any kind of sense, but still…..
    I’m weary of any one person or group who is so convinced that they have the answers to the universe.

    Fuck “right answers”…..it is like a colony of ants fighting about God in an empty football field. But much bigger than that.

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