Song of the Day 9/18/10

Feelin’ Alright By The Jungle Brothers

People are often surprised when I tell them one of my all time favorite albums is “Done by The Force Of Nature” by The Jungle Brothers. This album was huge for me when I got it. Not only did it expand my horizons as a rap fan , it also was one of the first album to make me take a closer look at production. On their first album (Straight Out the Jungle) The J.B.’s were one of the first groups to really utilize breaks. On this album, they raised the bar. Great shit all around. It’s still one of the few abums I could bump front to back with no problem (even the highly questionable song “you make me sweat”)

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day 9/18/10

  1. Do you know the album Supernatural by the Stereo MC’s? It was made at the same place and around the same time as DBTFON, and also features Afrika from the JB’s [and production from the Beatnuts]. To me that’s also a classic but it’s UK, which might put people off.

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