My childhood thanks you

For deleting this scene. Judging by the amount of views , I’m late to the game on this one.
When I was a kid, I fucking loved “The Goonies”. Sloth. The Truffle Shuffle. Martha Plimpton’s busted face.
Well, I can’t honestly say this horrible octopus scene woulda ruined it for me but I definitely feel like , at my current age , I appreciate them never letting this shit show slip into the final edit.
It’s nice when movie makers get shit right.

6 thoughts on “My childhood thanks you

  1. That was so bad I thought it was fake. I am still not totally sure it wasn’t. So did the tape player kill the octopus or did it just give up to dance to the music?

  2. this fucked with me as a kid because there was a version of it on tv with this scene in it and everyone thought i was crazers every time i talked about it and when i re watched it that scene was gone…..i got mad mega octopus issues now.

  3. haha someone posted a comment on youtube saying “They dont make cheese like this anymore”. And they are right. That is definitely 80s cheesyness in full effect

    and they dont make music like this anymore neither

  4. Wow, that is pretty shitty.

    The Goonies is still a great flick, I could watch it tomorrow no problem.

    Some say I resembled Corey Feldman back in the day too.

    He’s a lucky bastard.

  5. Word up.. i always remembered the end when they were jumped out the cave an got rushed by TV Reporters.. Data was answering a question about the scariest shit they seen .. ‘..Oh yeah..the Octopus’, but there never was one.. then when i saw it i was like…Oh….yeah.. that shit looked lame

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