Frat house

Back in the late 90’s , a couple of friends of mine got their hands on a documentary about life in frat houses made by director Todd Phillips. Phillips is best known for such movies as The Hangover and Old School but he’s also an accomplished documentarian as he made the awesome doc on G.G. Allin called “Hated”. Apparently , it was on HBO, but I have no recollection of that and , in fact, have a distinct memory of it being super rare.
Anyway, the old copy of this movie was on VHS and got lost in the shuffle over the years. I tried finding it on Netflix but to no avail. Until now! Of course, this shit pops up on fucking google video.
Anyway, here’s a link. It’s an hour long and very entertaining
Frat House The Movie

9 thoughts on “Frat house

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  2. On a side note, had no idea “Hated” was him…that and a series of bat hits was one of the worst experiences of my life. I think it was a Kim’s rental on VHS.

  3. That’s pretty f’d up. But If you’re dumb enough to go through it then you obviously belong there. I wonder if it’s even worse nowadays or if it’s been toned down at all.

  4. That was… Well, expected. I think kids have DEFINITELY chilled out with THIS style of frat stuff, its just about doing stupid pranks which are usually either semi-homosexual or semi-retarded, which is about 100% of what their actual personality is(I say this as a current college student).

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