Danny Brown’s Complete discography

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, You know that Danny Brown is pretty much one of the last MC’s out right now that I follow. I’ve put up mixes of my favorite songs by him as well as some “song’s of the day”. Well, fuck all that shit cause Kevin nottingham just hooked it all up at once.

Go there to download all of his mix tapes and even his loose songs/singles. Amazing post. Props to Nottingham for putting it all together.

6 thoughts on “Danny Brown’s Complete discography

  1. Nice , all the way from Nottingham England , a good place to be . It’s a pretty good website for the archives of hip hop !!!
    From Nottingham England .

  2. “your baby momma begged me ta suck my dick, and I aint gonna let her she look like predator, you a gay boy like david archuleta”

    favorite lyrics ever.

    Thanks block, this is the shit.

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