Some Halloween costume Ideas

Halloween is almost upon us once again, and it’s time for many people to buckle down and pick out a costume.
For men, we either go all out or just lazily grab whatever’s in our closet and create a makeshift costume. For instance , the last few years , I have been “Over grown boy scout separatist”

This costume was basically just me in some cargo shorts, sneakers, a tan shirt and boy scouts had I bought for 3 dollars. The crucial add-on was the beard , which propelled the costume into “Creepy” territories.
Last year, I opted for “A Creep”.

This was the most makeshift of all makeshift costumes. I wore an old suit, a grey bill Clinton wig , a fake moustache and some sun glasses. Basically, I just acted like a scum bag all night and the costume came alive.
For women, it’s no secret the “whore” angle will never die. While I’m not complaining as I have both eyes and a pulse, I wouldn’t mid ladies putting a little more creativity into it. Dressing in lingerie and throwing some cat ears on doesn’t make you a cat. Step up your ho game, ho’s!

Anyway, as you can see, I half ass my Halloween’s pretty hard. The truth is, I’m just not one of those inspired Halloween people. But ,what I can do is throw some ideas out there for some forward thinking person to bring to life.
First off for the fellas:
1)Kool Moe Dee Snider
2)Horny eunuch
3)The abortion fairy
4)Malcolm X-box
5)Erotic (NOT SEXY!) Guitar center worker
6)Bret Favre’s battered penis
7)Cumby (use your imagination)

For the ladies:
1)Snookie’s vaginal warts (face it, everyone who is at all corny is gonna be in a Jersey Shore related costume, step it up!)
2)The Kool Aid guy (fat girls only)
3)Lady Gaga at age 90
4)Ghost whore (where a sheet over your body but cut out holes for penetration to all cavities)
5)Chet from the real world (lesbian specific)
6)Sexy Angela Lansbury
7)Naomi Watts riots

Group costume Ideas:
1)The entire cast of “Everybody loves Raymond”
2)The Nazi’s from “Higher learning”
3)The boys from “Entourage” after a napalm attack
4)The new “Free credit” band
5)The watchmen-at work

You’re welcome! Don’t forget to send pics of any of these costumes actually executed. I will post them up for sure.

7 thoughts on “Some Halloween costume Ideas

  1. I see endless possibities as ‘The Abortion Fairy’….the wand would have to be made of a coathanger….I came up with the idea of going as an aborted fetus earlier this year; naked, covered in blood, something glued to my belly button to act as an umbilical cord, and a coathanger wrapped around my neck….thought that might be a little much though

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