Song of the day 10/17/10

Tattles Tale By Horror City
Prince Paul recently gave way an album by a group he produced in the mid 90’s called “Horror City”. The rapping is pretty good but it’s really the production that carries the song, as well as the entire album.
When I heard of this (re)release, the name “Horror City” , rang a bell. I walked over to my dusty ass cassette collection and realized I , in fact, had been given an old copy of a demo they made by Maseo of De La Soul. This may sound like some bragging type shit but, truth be told, it wasn’t like that at all. What happened was , I was walking down St. Marks street around 95. I saw this huge van with all sorts of graffiti covering it. I noticed a small group of people crowding around it so I decided to check what all the big deal was about. I walked up to the window and there was Maseo with a box of cassettes. It was full of a 5 track demos by Horror City. He announced to the crowd this was his new project (I think he actually made a good deal of the beats on the original demo) and that it was coming out soon. I felt pretty fucking cool walking home with this super rare demo tape. I got home , popped it in my tape deck and was pretty underwhelmed. Still, it had it’s moments and if I was a little less lazy, I’d covert it to MP3’s for you guys. But, alas, I am that lazy. Sorry!
The full length album Paul gave out is actually much better, so just download that instead. Anyway, This is my favorite song from it.

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 10/17/10

  1. super crispy beats. block, why stop the tour with the signal path homies right when they’re getting into Michigan yo? I know you’re opening for p. lights, but fuck that shit, SP is where its at. think you can possibly leak that Cree remix?

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