Song of the day 10/26/10

Let\'s go everywhere By Medeski , Martin and Wood

I heard this song on last weeks episode of Eastbound & Down and lost my shit. It’s somewhat of a “cover” of a Johnny Cash (Not 100% on that being his song, but it’s how I know it) song but , at the same time, very different.
Thanks to Drizzle from for locating this song for me. I woulda never foud it otherwise as I am lazy.

2 thoughts on “Song of the day 10/26/10

  1. Never thought I’d see this on here. This is from their (only) kids album that they made of all things, which is pretty cool because all their other stuff is weird experimental jazz. Great stuff Blockhead!

  2. i didnt expect that either! medeski martin and wood are awesomeee!!!

    i really recommend the uninvisible album. with samples, horns, guit and shit!!!!

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