Song of the day 10/10/10

I don’t want to have to wait By James and Bobby Purify

This is a slow jam that popped up on my Ipod the other day. I dunno where it came from (Funky16corners would be a good guess) but it’s dope. I could be wrong but I think these two might have been responsible for one of the first versions of the classic song “I’m your puppet”.
Also, today is 10/10/10…That’s means something , right? There must be some weed related holiday or maybe so “end of days” type shit happening today. Lemme know which one it is so I can plan accordingly.

Danny Brown’s Complete discography

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, You know that Danny Brown is pretty much one of the last MC’s out right now that I follow. I’ve put up mixes of my favorite songs by him as well as some “song’s of the day”. Well, fuck all that shit cause Kevin nottingham just hooked it all up at once.

Go there to download all of his mix tapes and even his loose songs/singles. Amazing post. Props to Nottingham for putting it all together.

This is a nice write up

It’s fitting that, on my birthday, someone would write an article to remind me of how old I am.
2004 seems like forever ago but it’s nice to see my music has managed to not become completely forgettable after all these years.

Thanks to They’ve been supportive of my shit from the jump without being cornballs about. That’s always appreciated.

This dickhead…

Listen guy. You’re in a wheelchair. It’s clear life has already dealt you a shitty hand. But wheelchair or not, sometimes, well all must wait patiently. We all get doors shut in our faces and miss the bus sometimes. When this happens, what we don’t do is kick the door down after it has been shut because…well…we just fucking don’t. Rules of engagement, motherfucker! These rules exist for a reason. One being, you might just fall to your death like an asshole. I’m just saying.

Patience is a virtue.

Frat house

Back in the late 90’s , a couple of friends of mine got their hands on a documentary about life in frat houses made by director Todd Phillips. Phillips is best known for such movies as The Hangover and Old School but he’s also an accomplished documentarian as he made the awesome doc on G.G. Allin called “Hated”. Apparently , it was on HBO, but I have no recollection of that and , in fact, have a distinct memory of it being super rare.
Anyway, the old copy of this movie was on VHS and got lost in the shuffle over the years. I tried finding it on Netflix but to no avail. Until now! Of course, this shit pops up on fucking google video.
Anyway, here’s a link. It’s an hour long and very entertaining
Frat House The Movie

Song of the day 10/5/10

100 Bpm’s Pumped By Freshco and Miz

Philly based Freshco was once the world battle champion. Unfortunately, that never really panned out into much else for the talented mc. He had a few minor songs here and there (“Ain’t you freshco?” being his big one) but nothing that ever got him recognized as much as some other less skilled rappers from that era.
Here he is fast flowing and talking shit. Kinda his specialty. I posted another song of his a while back (it might even be one of the first “song of the day” posts I did) called “Planet Brooklyn” that you should look into. That shit is my favorite joint of his.

Meet my Demise

Remember Myspace? Me too. Back in it’s heyday, I had a “blog” there that was basically for anyone who had any questions for me. Instead of answering the same questions over and over again with private messages, I made that blog post and let people loose on it.
For a reference, here it is:
My old Questions blog

Anyway, over the course of that blog, there was one person who kept popping up. Her name , at the time , was Bremadonna. She was a female MC from the midwest who would regularly write creepy shit to me both in public and private forums. She would often send me long winded private messages about how much she loves me and how much my music means to her. Even , at times, alluding to how we would one day be together. She also would post shit on her page about me as well as record songs dedicated to me I let it slide for a while but eventually was forced to block her cause she would do things like like leave long public comments on my page that were seemingly meant to read like we were having a dialogue. Shit like “Totally…it was good times. When is that gonna go down again? :)”.
CREEPY SHIT. Especially considering I had never met this girl and my responses to her personal messages tended to be curt and of the “I think you need help” variety. So, like I said , I blocked her. A few weeks later, she re-emerged with a different profile and asked me to forgive and and promised she would not step out of line again if I just unblocked her. I figured it was harmless (and I could alway re-block her) so I let her back in. This was followed by her leaving more comments on my “Questions” blog that, while they weren’t inappropriate, walked a very thin line. Eventually, that blog died down in traffic and I stopped looking at it (and myspace in general). Since then , she has popped up a few places here and thee but nothing too crazy.

For reference, here’s her myspace:
Her myspace
So, the other day , some dude I don’t know leave me this comment on Myspace:

yo blockhead watch out for this broad she has stalked you in the past and get this… she tried to kill me the other day and has been stalking me for years. Calling herself Bremadonna her name is Breanna greathouse and the story is in the news “Kansas City Woman drives to iowa tries to kill man” all over a rap diss track i made and because i said she was UGLY ect. was i lying? Anyway im afraid she might go after you next because she is obsessed like she is with me bro.

followed by this link to the news report he spoke of:
Stalker on the news

Woah…So, that shit is real. upon a little more investigation, it turns out she was a regular poster on the forums and had run into all sorts of trouble. The dude who she tried to kill was a regular poster there and pretty much relentlessly harassed her. Still, she’s obviously a complete lunatic if she’s trying to kill anyone over some internet shit.

Apparently, this is big news over at the UGHH forums as this post was bought to my attention:
UGHH forum post

So, this is pretty much me putting this all out in public as a means for you all to understand what happened when you one day read of my untimely murder in the near future. If I’m lucky, she’ll just rape me and call it a day but I feel like she’s got quite a thirst for blood by now and wearing my skin as a baggy bikini and doo-rag combo.
But according to the heads over at UGHH , she’s looking at maybe 7 years that might buy me some time.
Fingers crossed, yo!

The lonely party track

I was doing a show recently and the first opening act was about to get on. I had just spoke to him briefly. He was a rapper just beginning his career and , seemingly , trying to figure out his approach to making it in music. He was a very nice kid and , I gotta, admit, I admired his drive. Anyway, when he got on stage , there were about 20 people in the audience. Unfortunately, the venue was built for about 500-600 people. Shit was like a ghost town. Not the kids fault, as this was my show and he was the first opening act but, as any performer who’s been through this can tell you, that shit can be deflating. He starts his set and immediately I realize the promoters have mis-booked this artist. Prior to getting on stage, he had described his musical stylings as underground but polished like mainstream rap. He wasn’t far off. He had a game plan. He had dancers. He had all sorts of stage tricks that, if he were famous, would play great. The problem is, he was doing would be party jams and anthem type tracks for an audience of no one. Which raises the question , if a party track is heard by no one and not at a party , is it really a party track? It’s the old “tree falls in the woods” thing but with a twist. The thing is, in this day and age making a party track (especially for rappers) is as calculated as it gets. I’m not buying anyone’s shit saying they make party tracks for the love of the art. No, at best, they make it cause they want people to dance and have fun. At worst, they make it as a means to get money and blow up. So, when an artist comes out, and tries to force this kinda song to happen, it’s usually an express way to failure. Party tracks only work if that’s ALL you do. OR if you’re established and have enough talent/pull with your fan base (I’m speaking of rappers here).
The amount of times I’ve seen an unknown opener try and set off the show with some elaborate call and response crowd participation hook ,only to be met with deafening silence ,is staggering. The amount of times I’ve seen that actually be successful, I could count on my vaginas.
I’m in no way saying people shouldn’t make upbeat songs that play in clubs. Obviously there’s a place for everything. I just feel certain rappers and new artists in general, need to know their audience before they commit to something like this. A prime example of the failed party track is when a group with a loyal following built from past music (very likely music made from a somewhat grimy perspective) decides they wanna blow up and make a joint for the clubs. This will never work. No underground lyrical type rapper is ever gonna become a millionaire by all of a sudden making the hot club joint on his independently released album. All that does is piss off the fans you already have. The only exception, I suppose , would be the Black Eyed peas transformation from Souls of Mischief knockoffs (The Atban Klan) into the clown car of corniness they are now, but they we unoriginal from the jump so it’s not like they were really making a huge sacrifice by selling out. Some might argue Jay-z but the dude paved his way into being in a position where he could do whatever he wanted. He earned the right to make an occasional club joint and , overall has made some pretty classic party tracks. Also, keep in mind, I’m speaking completely of the song MADE for the club, not the random awesome song that happened to get popular and become a club anthem. That kinda thing is completely different. It’s the difference between “Let’s get it started” and “big Pimpin”.
Whenever this topic comes up, the first thing that pops into my head is The Clipse. I love The Clipse. This is a group that had one of the biggest hit makers (the Neptunes) behind them for two whole albums and , while they made two great albums loved by about 300,000 people, they never had that huge commercial success. Why would they? They are actual great rappers who ONLY rap about selling coke. Even Jeezy and Rick Ross take a day off from that and they’re watered down enough to be palatable to your average retarded midwestern Whig smoking blunts with his dumb friends behind a gas station 24 hour grocery. The Clipse are a group who needed to simply do them. Rap about coke over dope beats. That’s it. The fans would eat it up and they would be able to maintain in this fucked up music industry. Sure, they could do upbeat songs and some people will dance to them.
(For example)

But , in terms of an entire album, just stay the course. Instead of doing this, they opted to make an album full of would be club anthems that none of their fans wanted to hear. There are few things worse for a revered artist than gathering a solid and loyal fan base and then just deciding to change up everything with the slight hope that one song is gonna finally propel you into that next level. Especially if it comes at the expense of a whole album. That said, because I have faith in them as rappers, I will always check for The Clipse but they gotta understand that there comes a time when you just gotta stick with your strengths. They’re way too good to piss it away trying to make music for 16 year old girls to dance to. After all, there is no audience more fickle and mind numbingly horrible than your average 16 year old girl. It’s no wonder that demographic pretty much guides pop music as we know it. Ughh….Kill me.
Anyway , back to the show opener with the high hopes, he finished his set and walked off to the cheers of his girlfriend and one or two other people he knew. He didn’t even seemed phased by it. I suppose he wrote it off to a tough crowd. I’d say it was the non-existent crowd but same difference. While he had been on stage, I was talking to a friend and mentioned “Man, there’s nothing worse than the unrequited party jam”. Later that night, I got on stage and felt the cold hands of ironic justice jam it’s fists in my ass and clap when I rocked a somewhat party flavored set for about 45 people (Houston, represent!). Shit was brutal. Playing music made for dancing, only to see a crowd staring at you is pretty rough. Some girl did flash me her boobs though so it wasn’t a total loss.

This is how you fight

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly getting into scraps with every person you cross for no reason what so ever. This used to result in all sorts of legal issues because ,as most of you know, I’m a trained perfect weapon. Lately though, my murderous ways have become so smooth and stealth that it’s no longer an issue. You may be asking “But how is that possible?”
Well, watch this video. Study it. LIVE IT. You to can learn to be the perfect fighter.